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What we believe as Christians

At the heart of Christianity are three beliefs:

1) There is one God, the God of the Bible
2) Jesus is God’s Son, who died to save us
3) God is available to us through the Holy Spirit

We’re not asked to fully understand all this, but we are asked to believe and trust. This is called faith.

More about Buckminster

We're part of the Baptist Union and the East Midlands Baptist Association. We're also happy to fellowship with many different types of churches in Leicester and the East Midlands.

God's family is much bigger than the Baptist tradition. We're firm believers that we have more similarities than differences.

What we believe as Baptists

There are two main things that Baptist churches are known for:

1) Believers' Baptism - this is the belief that baptism is a way for people who are already Christians to declare their faith publicly. This means that we don't baptise babies for example, as they are not old enough to understand and choose to follow Jesus for themselves.

2) Church Structure and Membership - like other Christian churches, we believe everyone is equal before God. We choose to reflect this through our structure. If you want to commit to our church and be involved in decision-making, you can become a Member and vote on church decisions. Every vote is worth the same, including the Minister who is leading the church.

Many of our Members don't come from Baptist backgrounds. Everyone is welcome.

Our church history

We started meeting around 1836 and were known as Archdeacon Lane Baptist Church.

The original chapel was demolished around 1938, and our current building was built in 1939. We were known then as Archdeacon Lane Memorial Baptist Church.

Eventually we became known as Buckminster Road Baptist Church, as we are today.

The church has taken many shapes and sizes over the years, at one point having well over 100 children in our Sunday school.

Old black and white photo of original church chapel on Archdeacon Lane

A photo of the original Archdeacon Lane chapel

Our church today


We're a fairly small church, with 30-40 members and regular attendees, plus kids.

Our congregation is incredibly diverse when you consider our size. About 10 nations are represented in our church family.

Our minister is Victor Ojo, and he has been serving Buckminster since April 2024.

We're grateful to have him and his wife Shade worshipping with us, and excited to see how God uses them in our community.

Our minister, Victor Ojo, at a previous service

Get in touch with us

Please reach out if you have questions about our church, either in the past or today! We'll be more than happy to share information and answer your questions.

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